Who I Work With

Do you feel like you're working harder to reach goals, but seem to be spinning your wheels and not reaching them?

You can learn to “transform” your internal perspective to help you make effective changes in your life with empowering belief systems. This aids in improving your performance and helps you attain a greater sense of purpose.

Do you struggle with self-confidence? Maybe you have bad habits such as smoking, biting your fingernails, or issues with your weight.
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Typically, my clients are very competent in many areas of their lives. They just don't know how to transfer these successful strategies or untapped potential to other areas of concern.

Do you have a fear of public speaking that makes you feel intense stress every time you have to deliver a report to your business organization, civic club or social group? Together, we can help you overcome this common phobia and improve your effective and influential communication skills.
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Are you discouraged as none of the diets you've tried have been successful? Have you been passed over for promotions because you didn't present the “appropriate” image the company wants? I help career women who want to win their personal weight war, reduce their body shape and size, improve their health, and achieve increased respect and credibility.

Are you forced to cope with rigid, critical people who create a toxic atmosphere in your otherwise ideal job? Perhaps you believe you are stuck in a “dead end” career but don't know how to evaluate your skill, interests and options to change. By working together, we can implement valuable communication strategies to reduce your stress and cope effectively with any criticism in your life. When you discover how your unique mental filters operate, you'll become empowered to create job opportunities that compliment your desires, skills, experience, interests, and values.