As President of the Frederick County Commission for Women and as Chair of the Frederick County Women's Fair — a 20 year long tradition in Frederick County, the Women's Fair Committee and I have invited Jill year after year to be a part of this Fair to lecture, entertain, motivate, and teach. She will motivate a group of 5 or 500 through her expertise and ability. Her professional appearance and enthusiasm makes her an ideal motivational speaker. Each time, Jill was sought after by the Fair attendees for her workshops and presentations. She is a professional speaker, who speaks from the heart, and everyone who attends Jill's presentations walks away with a nugget of gold and for which Jill is always long remembered.
Annelie E. Weber, DTM
Immediate Past Governor
Select Distinguished District 18
Toastmasters International
10301 McKinstry Mill Rd
New Windsor, MD 21776-7903
Tel: 410 775 7733
Listening to Jill speak gave me a fresh perspective about teaching clients how to energize relationships. With all the humor and laughter in the audience, I enjoyed myself so much that I was delighted to discover that I even learned important things.
Nancy Henningson
Jill, you gave such a heart-warming talk that I could feel the tears coming to my eyes. All the obvious preparation certainly showed, and your energy and enthusiasm was palpable. Great job!
— Lorna House
I was really delighted to discover many new perspectives and strategies on managing stress. Adding humor to my life was certainly an eye-opener and your presentation gave me lots of effective tools to handle future stressful situations.
— Susan Richards
Thank you so much for your entertaining and instructive presentation to the Maryland Library Association. I observed the reactions in the audience and have never seen such rapt attention. Your ability to draw audience members into the presentation with energy and humor really was a great hit.
— Kay Cormier
Jill Cody leaves a lasting impression that stands the test of time. Her ability to inject humor as she helps the audience discover how to accomplish their goals not only makes learning easy but reassures people that even the best prepared can stumble. Jill's own story of the trials and tribulations of remembering what a cucumber was, during a salad preparation stills brings a chuckle some twenty-five years later.
— Andrew Baum
My job working in the Library can be stressful, such as dealing with a difficult patron or trying to balance multiple tasks at the same time. I found Jill Cody's Managing Stress program (which was offered through the Maryland Library Association) extremely helpful in managing my stress at work and in my personal life. The blend of information and techniques about stress, time management and assertive communication skills that Jill presented in such a dynamic way, and the actual practice of relaxation exercises were very effective. I really enjoyed those breathing exercises to relax before I present a story time. The humorous stories and witty remarks not only made the time pass quickly, but illustrated the importance laughter plays in dealing effectively with stress.
— Mary Ghiorzi
The joyous spirit around making right, the wrongs that we have lived with for so long – That is the recognition of our skills to be of service to the public. The workshop was obviously carefully planned and thought out. I give it a 10+. I just loved it!
— Barbara Carlisle
Jill's enthusiasm for the techniques and concepts is infectious during her presentations. She has a presence that exudes the competence and confidence that this technique teaches mental health practitioners to find in their clients. For the beginners, she explains difficult or unfamiliar techniques, concepts and approaches with clarity and simplicity. To the experienced clinician, she challenges and encourages them to experiment with different techniques. She has a welcoming sense of humor and a contagious laugh that brings warmth into the training experience. No one in the room can doubt her commitment to teaching others and sharing her experiences.
— Jean Conrad
The clear simple structure made your explanations easy to understand. It was a dynamic presentation and the very practical approach was really refreshing. The demonstrations of how it worked were very helpful.
— Jennifer Regina
I really enjoyed the ease of your presentation. You were obviously confident about the material and your detailed explanations made it all make sense to me. I especially enjoyed the lively discussion in the group which dealt with questions effectively that clarified any confusion. In many ways it helped validate that I was on the right track.
— Cheryl Mawo
You presented the “Commitment to Change” model so clearly I was successful in helping clients the first time I used it. They enjoyed the fact that it was such a positive approach, rather than attempting to analyze. I found the technique of constructing a well-formed outcome crucial to helping my clients to make important healing changes for themselves. Great examples, demonstrations, and handouts.
— Chris Schultz
I was in a state of stress because I was so unhappy in my job. Obviously no problem can be solved in only a month, but your questions and techniques have given me the initial tools to manage stress, keep my anger under control and have the increased sense of self-esteem to look forward to my new job. Your assistance has helped me through an extremely difficult time. Thank you for your professionalism and friendship.
— Paul T.
Your coaching help was invaluable as I was struggling to get my energies up to reinvigorate my sales career. You helped me identify the aspects of a job which were important, as well as how to market myself as well as our services and products successfully. It was an exciting process to realize I could make these changes successfully for myself. You truly turned me on to my own "excellence." Thank you again.
— Irene F.
I have an increased sense of the big picture of my design consulting, and especially of how I can both develop my concept of 'Me, Inc and to market where appropriate. Our work together was very interesting, exciting, insightful, and thought-provoking. Going through it helped me flesh out much more an appreciation of what I'd already done and helped me cement for myself what I'm aiming for. I'm excited about the career transformation that I am in the middle of. I don't think it would be possible without your guidance and support.
— Diane H.